The Missing Bean


Case Study: The Missing Bean

Included: Web design, interview, copywriting and SEO 

Despite only being nine years old in the medieval city of dreaming spires, The Missing Bean has become woven into Oxford’s rich history and has become an institution of its own.

Born out of a need for good coffee in Oxford, set up by Vicky and Ori, after a successful run on Turl Street they decided the next stage was to roast their own beans. They now supply many of the cafés, restaurants, colleges and more across Oxford and are essentially the go to people about coffee.

I found out more about their backstory when writing the blog for the Handle Bar, and quickly learned, in a similar vein to the Handle Bar, that sustainability and ethically sourcing and producing their beans underpins everything they do. With each roast, they could tell you a wonderful story about the farm that it’s been sourced from, and the farm’s history. 

Website Refurb

As their Roastery had been long established in Magdalen Road, and their Turl Street address had just undergone a refurb, they decided to turn their attention to their website, which hadn’t been updated since they first launched nine years ago. 

The website refurb was met with a few false starts so they had already commissioned beautiful photos, which made it extremely easy to build a modern and friendly looking site. To go with the hand-written logo, I gave them a few variations of handwritten fonts to reflect that this is an independent coffee shop, not a huge chain. For colour scheme, we went for muted tones, but added a pop of colour from the green of their recyclable coffee cups. 

E-commerce capabilities

Next, perhaps the most important part of the whole site, we added the e-commerce, something that their former website was lacking. Instead of using photos from the professional photoshoot, Vicky and Ori wanted to use photos from each coffee farm, which was a genius touch. It shows just how committed they are to fairtrade, but also, it gives the farms and farmers the recognition that they deserve.

If this sounds like something you need help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Sarah Halliday