The Epstein


Case Study: The Epstein 

Included: Web design, copywriting, SEO, video production and e-commerce

If you’ve had a look on my video page, you’ll have found a Miami Vice inspired music video I made for Oxford Americana band, The Epstein. The Epstein have been an integral part of the Oxford music scene since 2006, having released three albums and played shows across the UK and overseas. 

The band’s website was in need of a revamp, and the group stressed that they wanted e-commerce capabilities to sell their albums online. Of course, I was extremely happy to help! And particularly excited about making a video-centric website using footage from their live shows and music videos.


Website Refurb

The project was really fun from the start, as a band’s webpage lends itself to being very interactive. As well as a place to sell records, there needed to be a place for users to listen to the albums and watch the videos. 

With a little Squarespace magic, we were able to create gallery pages where users could flick through and play the various media content. 

The overall style was taken from the Epstein’s existing branding, with white text over a dark background. To break up the home page, I created three looping videos created from live footage of the band (shot by my friend and collaborator Ryan) and two of their most visually exciting music videos. 

To keep the site consistent, I used still images from the music videos as header images for the sub-pages on the site. 

If this sounds like something you need help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Sarah Halliday